SODA is a non governmental organization founded (in 2016) and managed by women. SODA was founded with the aim of enabling collaboration and cooperation between women working in various fields.

The aim of the association is to conduct right-based studies, and to support people and organizations that conduct right-based studies. In order to realize its objectives, SODA uses various methods such as organizing training programs and seminars, conduct various workshops, giving lectures to various groups, and make theater performances. Furthermore, using its (her) vast expertise in the area of non governmental organizations, SODA designs Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and if requested provides support to conduct these projects for private sector companies in line with the mission, vision and the values of the company.

Amongst SODA members there are women who have conducted training programs in both non governmental organizations and in the private sector for long years. They are all experts in their own fields. These women carried the competence and the different ways to touch people which they’ve acquired while working for non governmental organizations to the trainings in the private sector. And in order to extend this knowledge further, they’ve prepared various training programs. SODA believes that very few of the traditional and over structured trainings focus directly to the needs of the companies and of their employees. That’s why SODA members design primarily need-oriented training topics and methods.

Board of Directors

Chairwoman – Fatma Çiğdem Aydın

Accountant – İlkin Kılıç

Secretary General - Şirin Mine Kılıç


  • Yasemin Bektaş Sarıkaya
  • Yonca İnal